For you AND your receivers

Strategic and tactical
To clarify why you communicate and where it should lead to is always the base. Thereafter you need to plan, structure, design, execute and follow-up to secure that your communication brings the returns you want, independant if i's part of your daily busines,  if your company is going through a change or you run a project.

Coaching & training
The key to successful communication within companies is to not separate it from our management roles. Sometimes it's only smaller changes that's needed to move forward, sometimes it is completely new knowledge. Let me help you with workshops, seminars or face-to-face coaching.

Content production, copy and editing
With the target group in mind I use text and photo to secure  your message. If you have already produced material I can edit and proof read to provide a second opition.

All assignments are of differnt type and scope. I leave quotations for all assignmenets. My base fee is 900 SEK/h exl. VAT.

The company (Louise Dock AB)  is registered for corporation taxation.