I am woman who loves to create relations between people,  it doesn't matter if is to entertain, explain or remember. 

I believe in the good stuff. In good people and good companies. Who together, or by themselves, create a better world. 

When I write, I write in English or in Swedish (first language).  My photography laungage is universal and either you like it or you don't.

My experience is long or short. It depends on how you look at it and where you come from, but I've been working with communication for almost 20 years and professionally as photographer for 7.  

When I look at communication from the more serious business side of things, I'm convinced it is a way to create strong and valuable relations. My most promintent ability is to understand what you want to say and turn this into something that the reciever understands.

Thereto I have realized that life is too short to beat around the bush, working with me you will always get an honest and upfront feedback, delivered with a smile.

One can be great at many things but not everything. Therefore I work in networks when my competence and skill are limited.

To see what I have done prior to now, visit my LinkedIn profile.