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About me

Meet me,
meet Louise

With the tools words and images I create relations between people, whether it is to explain, entertain or remember. 


I believe in the good stuff. In good people and good companies. Who together, or by themselves, take any step to create a better world. 


When I write, I write in English or in Swedish (first language). My photography language is universal and either you like it or you don't.


My experience is long or short, it depends on how you look at it and where you come from. I've been working with communication for over 20 years and with photography since 2013.


My most prominent ability is to understand what you want to say, to find the core of what you mean, and turn this into something the receiver understands.

I believe and live strongly along the principles respect, responsibility and honesty. This is what I always will be and what I always will assess others by. I am certain this will take you far in life.

Thereto I have realized that life is too short to beat around the bush, working with me you will always get honest and upfront feedback, delivered with a smile.

 The key to never become lost, is to be true to your self.

 The wonderful pictures of myself on this webpage is taken by the talented Mette Ottosson

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