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My Services


My knowledge and experience from the world of communication will guide you through the entire communication process regardless if your need is strategical, tactical and/or production of content.

I support you with your communication to your customers, co-workers or whoever your target group is.​


Digital web course

Download my web based communication course to improve your skills how to create better communication.


Coaching package

Do you only need some support on the way? Then my coaching service is what you need. We met once month to secure you are moving in the right direction. In between our sessions you have full access to me via e-mail. Asking how many questions you need.


In the flesh

If you rather have me step in and cater for you communication challenge. regardless if it's writing your mothly newsletters, manage your social media accounts, writing your new Communication Strategy or Plan.

After deciding on your need and scope of assignment I will deliver it all for you. Price based on scope of assignment.

The key to successful communication is to find the way to say what needs to be said in a way it can be understood

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